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This workshop is part of We Are Robots Festival at The Old Truman Brewery, 91 Brick Lane, E1 6Q London, on 4th and 5th November.

DIY workshop about percussion and distortion modules led by øpen-hardware team “000” + Signum device with Victor Mazon!

Modules are both stand-alone and Eurorack. The workshop will cover both theory and practice about analogue circuit design, percussion and noise. No previous experience in electronics is needed but interest and patience is mandatory.

In this workshop participants can also build and take home their own Signum device, which is designed to experiment with hidden signals and usually un-hearable sounds. The device includes a transducer, optical, coil, germanium diode and small loop antenna that will allow you to both to listen to and record the sounds hidden in the electromagnetic spectrum. The workshop will also cover the use of the electromagnetic spectrum in art practice. With Victor Mazon Gardoqui.

Full cost: See price list.

  • When you book your place you will be charged a £20 booking fee.
  • Please note there will be no refunds of the booking fee in case of cancelling / not showing.
  • This £20 booking fee will be deducted during the workshop from the price of the kit/s of your choice.On the workshop day please bring cash to pay for your kit/s.
  • With this item you will be booking a spot in our workshop.
  • Please send an email to workshops@stagingmhs.local indicating which module/s you’d like to build.

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Both days are independent so participants can choose when to join the workshop.

Modules available are:

Signum Device (Workshop price: £95)

The new Signum updated for We are Robots Festival includes a light and laser transmission on the board, infra/ultraviolet sensor, 2 extra op-amps low drift, matched components, lower signal2noise ratio, bigger size (Ø10cm) and easy to assembly.


BSDM Bareback Kick (Workshop price: £135)

Now includes CV for pitch, kick (attack potentiometer), envelope out cv,  new custom fully aluminum knobs and a soft clipping output distortion on the module!

SCAT 0-logical distortion (Workshop price: £95)

Smaller size, easier to build and full aluminum knobs.

Snore Fist Drum (Workshop price: £135)

Now includes CV for pitch, kick (attack potentiometer), external sound source, new custom fully aluminum knobs and a soft clipping output distortion on the module!

WHIP MIDI to trigger interface (Workshop price: £130)

TOMS of Finland *NEW* (Workshop price: £165)

Now includes CV for both VCO´s, external sound source input, kick (attack potentiometer), new custom fully aluminum knobs.

HeilHats (Workshop price: £155)
Open and closed hats with independent control of decay and trigger and summed output. Band pass filter, White/pink noise / metal sound selector / External source In

Control: Pitch, BP Filter, Noise/metal, Volume and independent decay for CH/OH
Button: White/pink Noise, Cut of OH with CH, Trigger OH, Trigger CH
Inputs: External Audio In, Trigger OH, Trigger CH, Accent
Output: Summed Output


Premiere of these modules  / Presented in MHS We are robots festival:

Eq69 Semiparametric Baxandall Equaliser. Workshop price- Special offer £95
British Heritage 3 band (Baxandall). Hi Shelf +/-15dB. Lo Shelf +/-15dB. Presence +/-12dB. Mid: 150Hz-7KHz
by 000 | November 2017
8ct8 AC/DC Signal mixer. Price£165
AC/DC Signal mixer. 8 Ch. / 2 Bus (2x4 Ch.). Master control. Bi-color led Signal level indication.
Mute / Light Push Button. Inverting / Non Inv out. 25mm travel Light Sliders by 000 | November 2017

YKINMKATO Distortion Lab Interface £165

This new module started in our workbench as a platform to develop all the 000 effect modules, and now has become one of the favorite 000 modules for the audience, a 000 distortion laboratory interface featuring:

- VCA In/Out and dry/wet,  all 3 CV controllable.

- True Bypass and 3 parameters (X/Y/Z) for different "shield distortions” that will be  produced during 2018

The module comes with a 000 version of the famous Proco-Rat bass distortion, with some extras and mods to work nicely for drone and percussive sounds, adapted modular impedance and eurorack (10v) audio levels.

The kit also includes a 000 perforated board where to design your own distortion. On the following months we will develop and upload more distortion designs, as shields, to be used by the community and attached at the back of the module.

Control: Att IN, Att OUT, Dry/wet, X/Y/Z
Button: Bypass, Diode Clipping
CV: CV Input Audio IN, CV Audio Output, CV Dry/wet
Inputs: Audio In
Output: Audio Out
RAT Distrotion: X Texture, Y Distortion and Z volume

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