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Music Hackspace presents a two day workshop with Tom Richards on the 22nd and 23rd of April. This will be an absolute beginners workshop, ideal for those who are interested in DIY electronics and sound but don’t know where to start. It will also be useful for those starting out with analog/modular synths and wishing to get a better understanding of the underlying principles.

Requirements: No prior experience necessary.

Date: 22nd and 23rd April 2017. 11am-6pm

Full Cost: £120.

  • This includes the workshop + a synth kit you will build and take home. The synth is a basic mono synth incorporating a vco, vcf, vca, envelope generator and a basic sequencer. The design is modular in the sense that any one part can be isolated and used in other contexts. It is designed for speed and simplicity so that it’s do-able in a weekend and it illustrates the principles and prototyping techniques covered during the weekend.
  • When you book your place, there is a £20 reservation fee that will be deducted during the workshop from the £120 full price. You can pay the remaining £100 on the day (cash only). Please note there will be no refunds of the reservation fee in case of cancelling / not showing.

Over two days Tom will guide participants through the following:

  •      Fundamentals of electronics. Types of components and what they do.
  •      Fundamentals of sound and synthesis.
  •      Different synthesiser building blocks.
  •      Reading schematics.
  •      Using test tools – multimeters and oscilloscopes.
  •      Where to find information and buy components.
  •      Prototyping simple circuits.
  •      How to solder.
  •      Build a simple synthesiser to take home, with notes on how to extend its possibilities afterwards.

After this workshop, participants should be able to better utilise the wealth of internet resources available, and get started in building their own electronic instruments.

Please note this course will not cover arduino, code or embedded applications – just pure old-school electronics.

Tom Richards is an artist, musician, DJ, researcher and instrument designer working in London UK. He has walked the line between sonic art, sculpture and music since graduating with an MA in Fine Art from Chelsea College of Art in 2004. Richards has built his own idiosyncratic modular electronic music system, with which he creates slowly evolving and heavily textured polyrhythmic improvisations. He has performed and exhibited widely in the UK, as well as internationally in the US, Germany, Peru, Japan and Sweden.

Selected works and live performances have taken place at Tate Britain, The Queen Elizabeth Hall, The Science Museum, Spike Island, Cafe Oto, MK Gallery, Bold Tendencies, and Camden Arts Centre.

He has recently submitted his PhD (Goldsmiths/Science Museum) on the work of Daphne Oram: electronic music pioneer, and founder member of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. This research included the re-design and construction of Oram’s Mini Oramics synthesizer, a project that has since gained worldwide attention.

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If you have any questions about this event or any of our workshops please contact workshops@stagingmhs.local.


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