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In this 2-hour workshop, Darwin Grosse (Cycling '74) will use Max/MSP to combine audio clip playback with VST effects and Max for Live devices to create a range of soundscapes from glitchy beats to warped ambiences. The focus will be to create a personal performance system that can be tailored to your interests and style. Topics covered will be audio playback, effects processing, user-interaction development and MIDI mapping.

A basic familiarity with Max will help ensure success!


About the workshop leader

Darwin Gross is Director of Education at Cycling'74. Darwin is responsible for the tutorials and help files that can be found in every release of Max. Darwin is an experienced workshop leader, who enjoys building small music machines in Max, such as drones, rhythm generators and other re-useable projects that he can connect to hardware controllers or modular synthesizers. Darwin has been running a podcast since 2013 on Art, Music and Technology, with over 350 podcasts already released. https://artmusictech.libsyn.com/


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