Using Machine Learning Creatively via FluCoMa in Max

Membership plan: Free | Topics: Creative Coding, Sound Design

Course overview

This online course is designed to introduce you to the Fluid Corpus Manipulation (FluCoMa) project, a free Max Package. FluCoMa is focused on finding new and innovative ways for musicians to use large banks of digital sounds and gestures in their compositions, using advanced signal composition and machine learning techniques.

Throughout the course, you will explore the creative possibilities available with FluCoMa's Max Package, including composition techniques, sound processing and manipulation, and live performance. You will also have the opportunity to get hands-on experience with the various tools and features of the Max Package, as well as learn tips and best practices for using FluCoMa effectively.

We will also cover real-world examples of musicians and artists using FluCoMa in their work. By the end of the course, you will have a solid understanding of FluCoMa and its capabilities, and be well-equipped to start incorporating it into your own compositions.

What you'll learn

  • Configure and install FluCoMa in Max
  • Explore the FluCoMa toolset in Max
  • Appraise how FluCoMa can be used in musical environments
  • Continue to explore resources to learn FluCoMa

Who is this course for?

  • Sound designers looking to get started with FluCoMa in Max
  • Musicians looking to explore the creative possibilities offered via FluCoMa in Max

Course content

  • meeting_saved_chat.txt
  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Initial Q&A
  • 3. Installing FluCoMa
  • 4. Example Project quarte
  • 5. Slicing Audio with [fluid.bufampslice~]
  • 6. Harmonic-Percussive Source Separation with [fluid.bufhpss~]
  • 7. Audio Analysis (with [fluid.bufpitch~] as an example)
  • 8. Plotting Slices in 2D Space
  • 9. Dimensionality Reduction with UMAP
  • 10. Concatenative Synthesis
  • 11. Using a Neural Network to Classify Timbre
  • 12. Using a Neural Network to Control a Synth (not enough time to show!)
  • 13. More places to find FluCoMa information
  • 14. Final Q&A


  • A computer and internet connection
  • Access to a copy of Max 8 (i.e. trial or full license)

Course schedule

Meet your instructor

Ted Moore (he / him) is a composer, improviser, and intermedia artist. He holds a PhD in Music Composition from the University of Chicago and recently served as a Research Fellow in Creative Coding at the University of Huddersfield, investigating the creative affordances of machine learning and data science algorithms as part of the FluCoMa project.‚Äč His work focuses on fusing the sonic, visual, physical, and acoustic aspects of performance and sound, often through the integration of technology.

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