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Virtual drumming workshop with Shay!


Shayanna from Kinetika Bloco will lead a drumming workshop using household objects!

The Kinetika Bloco is a performance group with an exuberant mix of young brass and woodwind players, drummers, steel pan and dynamic dancers all in costume creating a “unique new British Carnival sound with a decidedly London edge” (BBC Radio2)

During lockdown Shay has adapted her workshops to use household objects rather than tradition steel drums.

This fun and interactive workshop requires no previous skills and all the family can join in!

About the workshop leader

Shayanna has been with the Bloco since it began. Having gone through the project from participant, to volunteer, to staff, Kinetika Bloco has a special place in her heart. Shayanna can be found running workshops or managing the team on projects with any age and all levels of knowledge. Shayanna is also a singer, songwriter and hosts shows. with the company Blue Revolutions she shares with Sam “Blue” Agard.


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