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Vahakn Matossian-Gehlhaar is an artist with BA’s and MA’s in Product Design from Brighton and Royal College of Art respectively. Alongside his father Rolf Gehlhaar -researcher in assistive technology for music- he runs Human Instruments. A new company dedicated to the design and production of digital musical instrument interfaces for people with varying physical ability. Working closely with the British ParaOrchestra, Human Instruments are currently developing the worlds first commercially available hands free instrument that will give its player total musical freedom of expression, with a resolution of sound as close as possible to traditional orchestral instruments.

Vahakn also runs an independent design studio in East London that specialises in interactive and real-world public projects. His past clients, collaborators and employers include, Yamaha, Troika, IRCAM, Glastonbury Festival, British Film Institute, Innovation Labs, Hulger, and Cybersonica.

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