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We cover Max/MSP and Jitter a lot, as it is the most popular visual programming environment, especially if you want to hack audio and video in your own way. But it isn't the only visual programming language out there. We found out recently about Tweakable, and it turns out to be quite remarkable.

First, it is entirely online. No downloads, no sign-up, the URL above takes you directly to a web page, where Tweakable runs. You might think that you are launching a video when you click on the usual triangle, but in fact you're turning the engine on, and everything turns out to be editable. And you can build a user interface, too!

I've managed to extract an example with Julian's help, see below. The original patch is available here.

[Update] Julian has added a share option that exports the code of a patch for easy embed. Wow.

Tweakable has a collection of simple examples to get you started, such as the one above, and it can get pretty complex. It's made for musical applications so it has examples of algorithmic compositions, canon, fugue, jazz etc.

It gets better. It also supports video, through a similar patching system. The possibilities are super interesting. You can design your own audio/video project and encapsulate it onto your webpage, and visitors can also experiment with it.

The author of this software is Julian Woodward. Based in Britain, Julian (Visual Systems Ltd) began developing Tweakable five years ago as a side project, and is now working on it full time. Julian will join us for a first public discovery of Tweakable on Monday 18th May. Ask questions on the live chat or on the forum.



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