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Tidal Cycles workshop with Lizzie Wilson (part 1)

20th June 2020

This 2-hour workshop will guide participants through the fundamentals of creating their own audiovisual performances using live coding. 

The first hour will look at creating music with the TidalCycles programming language, a language that is often used to make music by many live coders for its flexibility and immediacy. Participants can either download the full version before the workshop, or if they are not comfortable/have problems with the install process, can use a reduced version of the language in the browser (https://estuary.mcmaster.ca/). 

The second hour will look at creating visuals that react to music. This will use the hydra web browser language and will cover the beginnings of making visual pattern and computing ffts on musical signals to create reactive visuals. 

A follow up workshop on Hydra (visual live coding) will be held on 24th June.


  • Have access to a laptop and access to internet
  • Download full version of TidalCycles (optional) 

About the workshop leader

Lizzie Wilson is a PhD student at the Media and Arts Technology, Queen Mary, University of London. Her research focused on co-creation strategies in the context of Live Coding.

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