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In this workshop we will explore many different ways to create sounds from scratch, manipulate recorded sounds and compose these into music. Since computers are used virtually in almost any piece of recorded music in some way, it becomes useful to have an insight into how music technology works behind the user interface or perhaps how it can be even more liberating and powerful without it. The SuperCollider programming environment provides an opportunity to explore sounds synthesis and algorithmic composition on a detailed level in real-time. The particular emphasis in this workshop will be on creating intelligent musical machines including interactive synthesizers with machine listening techniques and machine learning algorithms to aid the composition process.

We will be exploring 4 main topics:

– introduction to sound synthesis including modulation, filtering, sampling and granular synthesis
– making musical structures by scheduling and timing the synthesizers
– building reactive synthesisers with triggers and machine listening
– introduction to composition with machine learning

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For any queries please contact workshops@stagingmhs.local

Alo Allik is a sound artist who has performed his audiovisual works, electroacoustic compositions, eclectic DJ sets and live electronic music throughout the world at a number of festivals, including Transmediale, Piksel, ISEA, TodaysArt, ShinyToys, Pluto, NIME, etc.. His aesthetically and geographically restless lifestyle has enabled him to traverse a diverse range of musical worlds including DJ-ing electronic dance music, live electronic jam sessions, electroacoustic composition, free improvisation and audiovisual performances. In recent years he has been actively participating in the Algorave movement developing a style he describes as noisefunk which combines traditional rhythm patterns with evolutionary synthesis algorithms. Currently, Alo works as a researcher at the Centre for Digital Music, Queen Mary University of London, while continuing to perform his visuals and music to audiences worldwide.



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