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On 18 – 19th March AXNS Collective, in partnership with Imperial College London and Music Hackspace, will be giving teams of sound artists, neuroscientists and data analysts exclusive access to brain wave data from groundbreaking LSD research.

The two day hackathon event will bring together sound artists to work alongside neuroscientists and data analysts, to explore the brain waves in novel ways and to create mind altering soundscapes, aural installations and musical compositions from extracted features of the psychedelic brain data. We also welcome multi-media artworks that combine aural elements with visual or haptic ones.

The project offers an unprecedented opportunity for sound artists  to transform the dynamic structures of consciousness into art. It also encourages scientists to experiment with innovative and novel analysis techniques with the aim to expand the way we usually look at brain wave data. The idea is to provide the creative space for the scientist, with the unconventional input from artists, to work in an unconstrained manner outside of the lab and to turn the results into something other than a number. To access someone’s state of consciousness with the current research methods available remains a challenge. Our pioneering project provides the opportunity to think outside of the box about how we can capture someone’s subjective, mind-altering psychedelic journey.

The hackathon will be a two-day event over the weekend of the 18/19th March, with Dr. Carhart-Harris introducing the dataset and research. The interdisciplinary 5 teams (consisting of 1 sound artist grouped with 2-4 neuroscientist/data scientists) will then spend the remainder of the time working on their responses to the brief.

This event is now fully booked. If you have any questions about this event or any of our workshops please contact workshops@stagingmhs.local.


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