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Join the live stream on Thursday 9th April, 6:30pm BST / 10:30am PT.

In the past three decades, Virtual Reality has been a wall onto which many dreams have been projected. From Minority Report to Ready Player One, VR inspires worlds of possibilities. Today's world seems however far from the film industry's depiction of a possible future. VR has been successfully adopted by a number of hard core gamers, but despite heavy investment from Facebook, Samsung, Microsoft and many others, it is still unclear how VR will deliver entertaining experiences to the general consumers.

So, how about VR for Music? There are options out there, such as Drum Hero, or Wave Beta. They seem to unanimously release on gaming platforms, such as Steam or Oculus, which is where you can find customers equipped with the necessary headsets. Our guest is no exception to this, having release Tranzient on both platforms.


Jim Simons is the founder of Alive in Tech, the studio that released Tranzient. Jim previously worked at Focusrite and Yamaha, and is an experienced musician. Jim will lead the second session of our weekly online talks with a demo of Tranzient, and will answer live questions. You can watch the stream below when it's live, or after it has happened!




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