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This talk aims to introduce a few chosen actual digital radio infrastructures, networks and initiatives in the perspective of artistic practices. Starting with the very beginning of the amateur radio movements that have emerged with the radio itself, the talk will also cross roads with the birth of offshore pirate radios, the movement of radio libres and their connection with the minitel in Paris and Bologna, Max Neuhaus, John Cage and the experimental uses of radio in sound arts, optical network of data transmission in Czech Republic, the Frei Funk movement in Germany, micronations and data heavens. The talk will end with a presentation of various actual approaches of radio, from the realms of miniFM to the communication networks of high-frequency trading.

RYBN/.ORG is an extra-disciplinary artistic research platform, funded in 2000 as a web entity, disseminated into several servers all over the internet and physically present in Paris. RYBN.ORG operates through interactive & networked installations, digital/analog visual cross-performances and pervasive computing. Their projects refer as well to the codified systems of the artistic representation (aesthetic, painting, architecture, avant-garde, music) as to the socio-politic and physical phenomenons, exploring various fields such as economics, data mass analysis, perverted artificial intelligence, disrupting auto-learning, language and syntaxes, sensory perception and cognitive systems.


Eventbrite - On the hybridisation of digital communication networks and analog radio protocols – Artist Talk with RYBN/.ORG

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