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iPlug is a free, open source audio plug-in framework that allows you to make professional quality, cross platform plug-ins with minimal code.
In this talk Oli will introduce the latest version iPlug2, which is a substantial rewrite that has many new exciting features.

Oli Larkin is an audio software developer and music technologist with over 15 years of experience developing plug-ins and plug-in frameworks. He has released his own software products including VirtualCZ and Endless Series and has collaborated with companies such as Arturia, Focusrite and Ableton. For many years he worked in academia, supporting audio research and sound art projects with his programming skills. Nowadays Oli is working as a freelancer, as well as focusing on open source projects such as iPlug2.

https://iplug2.github.io | http://www.olilarkin.co.uk


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