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Musica Dispersa is a London based platform which operates internationally and is dedicated to the dissemination and diffusion of experimental music through a wide range of projects in radio broadcast, cassette releases, live events and exhibitions (more info www.musicadispersa.co.uk).

Musica Dispersa are coming again to the Music Hackspace bringing a programme of experimental music and sound artists, in an event that will focus on the space, the artists and the sound; from noise music to abstract ambient, the event is open to a variety of sonic proposals within the experimental music fields.

Eventbrite - Musica Dispersa at Music Hackspace

19'00 - 19'30 - PHARMAKUSTIK
20'30 - 21'00 - HARMERGEDDON
21'15 - 21'45 - IOM
22'00 - 22'45 - LUKE JORDAN

Siegmar Fricke, one of the pioneers since the 80s, has been very active within the wordwide tape scene and mail-art during 80s and produced music for important labels such a Toracic Tapes, Tonspur Tapes, Irre Tapes or Old Europa Cafe. He has been collaborating with many important artists such a Maurizio Bianchi or Giancarlo Toniutti and since 2001 he is very active with his project Pharmakustik that can be defined as follows: audioclinical investigation; sound-research; implantation and re-implanation of acoustic fragments; intermodulating soundpools related to medical subjects.
As Siegmar Fricke is not present on the event he made a special experimental audiovisual film consisting of four unreleased tracks that can be characterised as mind cinema for the listener with new aural conscience.

Nathan + Fae Harmer. Audio/visual/performance art duo.
Their work resounds around atmospheric and meditative soundscapes, forming kinetic pulses, drifting textures and undulating drones. This is often set to highly manipulated visuals and performance. Their live improvisations focus on the serendipitous working with live electronics, obsolete consumer electronic devices and the drifting periphery.

HILDE UND TORBEN DICKMANN:Neubauten-esque duo doing frightening things to your privates. Live/performance wich includes metal sounds and experimental beats.

The project of Iker Ormazabal includes Noise,Drone,Ambient,Electric Guitar,Oscillators,Field Recordings and Improvisation.

Tek-noise improvisation with pulse / function generators, modular synth and guitar pedals modulated with hacked flickering light.


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