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"Set up this low-cost but reliable keyboard as a wireless controller for almost anything with a USB input. This workshop focuses on using it as a MIDI instrument with Mac OS X, Windows XP/7, or the Raspberry Pi. It also works as a wired controller for the Arduino Mozzi synth library, and you could potentially do something similar with any other game controllers you already own - email in advance for compatibility advice.

Includes a fully-working 2-octave MIDI key tar from the 2010 heyday of Rock Band/Guitar Hero games - this beginner-level workshop shows to get it working with music software like GarageBand for Mac or free synths for Windows or Raspberry Pi, no soldering and (hardly any) programming required!

Price includes key tar, batteries, shoulder strap, and a cardboard box (59cm x 10cm x 22cm) to take it home in - in the unlikely event that your laptop or Rasp Pi can't be persuaded to talk to the key tar you'll get a free reprogrammable Arduino synth.

Workshop led by Dave Green, who'll be constantly updating www.CheapSynth.com with improved code and instructions.

What to bring:
Mac owners - laptop with USB input, MIDI music software like GarageBand
PC owners - laptop with USB input, MIDI music software like http://coolsoft.altervista.org/en/virtualmidisynth (free download)
Raspberry Pi owners - blank 4gig SD card (16gig if you'd like to use Pure Data), blank/reusable 4gig SD card (16gig if you'd like to use Pure Data in future), headphones or speakers to plug into the audio jack socket.
Arduino (if you already have one) - ideally a 32 KB/ATmega328 Uno, Duemilanove, Nano, Pro Mini or Leonardo, see http://sensorium.github.io/Mozzi/ for further info.

Please register via email: curators@stagingmhs.local


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