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Max meetup / October

Taught by: Marta Verde

Meetups are a fantastic way to meet and be inspired by the Max community.


Speakers & presentations

Kevin Kripper (Buenos Aires, 1991) is a generative artist whose work addresses a wide variety of topics, technologies and aesthetics. Some of these works have been exhibited and awarded at both art and science festivals. Since 2012 he has been developing digital tools that expand the creative possibilities of experimental artists from all over the world. His best-known development is Vsynth, a lab for modular video synthesis, image processing and video-tool design inspired by the culture of the late 60’s where artists, engineers and programmers worked together co-creating technologies to liberate the spirit.

Sabina Covarrubias, PhD (1977)  is a composer, multimedia artist, and a researcher in the field of computer music. She is a researcher and professor (ATER) at the EDESTA doctoral school of Université de Paris VIII. Her works encompass a wide array of genres, such as visual music, electroacoustic music, "musique mixte" , experimental electronic music, symphonic,  which have been shown in highly renowned concert halls and festivals in several countries. Covarrubias received a PhD degree in Aesthetics, Science and Technology of the Arts from the University of Paris 8. She earned a Master’s degree in Musicology, Creation, and Society in 2010 from the University of Paris 8 (France), where she specialised in Computer-assisted composition and Ethnomusicology.  In 2016 she received a Bachelor of Music Composition degree in 2006 from the National School of Music at the UNAM in Mexico City.  She holds the Max certification, advanced level from IRCAM.

Dr. Francisco Colasanto (A.K.A. Doctor Zoppa) is an artist focused on the composition of experimental electronic music and interested in algorithmic processes for creation. He has been teaching Max for twenty years, having taught courses in several countries in Latin America and Europe. He has published the book "Max/MSP: guía de programación para artistas" (CMMAS, 2010) He is deputy director of the Mexican Center for Music and Sonic Artsprofessor at the ENES-Morelia (UNAM) and Max Certified Trainer.

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Berlin Code of Conduct

We ask all participants to read and follow the Berlin Code of Conduct and contribute to creating a welcoming environment for everyone.

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About the workshop leader

Marta Verde (Pontevedra, Spain, 1985) Visual Artist, creative technologist and educator. Her artistic practice explores the indeterminism nature in relationship with the organic and the electronic in the visual field towards the use of noise, repetition and digital processing of analog signals in real time. Her work materializes into audiovisual multimedia and lighting installations; and into live collaborations with musicians or dancers, applying different techniques like development of custom software and new devices using digital fabrication and/or electronics, as part of maker culture and DIY philosophy. Currently she is Associate Professor at Berklee College of Music (Valencia Campus), teaching Max/MSP, prototyping and interactivity.

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