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Simple playback of audio files within the iPhone environment has always been relatively straightforward. But what if you want to do something more sophisticated with audio in iOS? In the past, the Apple frameworks for doing this have been relatively inaccessible.

This workshop will focus on how to use Pd (Pure Data) patches as an easier way to create more sophisticated audio-based iPhone/iPad apps. This will include learning how to link audio parameters (e.g. volume, pan, filter cutoff) to standard Apple UI elements (e.g. gesture recognisers, accelerometers, sliders, toggles, etc.). In addition, we'll look briefly at Apple's new AVAudioEngine framework as another accessible alternative.

Requirements: You will need to arrive with an Apple laptop with XCode installed. Experience with XCode will helpful but not essential. It will also be helpful to have a basic knowledge of Pd, though we can provide some basic patches if you don't. Note that any Pd patches you bring should be made with Pd-Vanilla.


For any questions email curators@stagingmhs.local


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