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Internal motivations is a workshop for new imaginations of internal martial arts through the perspective of sound. In this exercise we will explore different Taoist concepts in relation to sound and energy. Internal martial arts is a seemingly passive but internally vigorous form of martial arts that stresses on breathing, energy circulation, external and internal movements, and expanded consciousness. How may the soundscape of this mind and body tradition be re-interpreted in today’s context?

Eventbrite - Music Hackspace Internal Motivations workshop with Sheryl Cheung


1 Listening session of film soundtracks

2 Study of ancient martial art scores

3 Recording your own body movements & simple collective folly techniques

4 Creating soundscapes (can be finished later and submitted by the end of July)

Provided materials:

1 Excerpts of film soundtracks and martial arts documentaries

2 Ancient scriptures that illustrate internal body movement

3 Recordings of internal body sounds and natural forces

4 Examples of new martial arts exercises and sounds

It’s recommended that participants bring a laptop. Prior experience working with music is not required.  

With the participant’s consent, completed soundtracks will be compiled into a collective album and published on lololol.net, an online platform for mind and body exercises, which will presented in this year’s Bangkok Biennial in August.

Sheryl Cheung works with sound, installation and performance to explore a material concept of life. Perceiving life as a force, a mobility that drives our innate persistence to live, Sheryl is especially interested in the potential of vulnerable, ambiguous, and internal efforts that lead us to deeper awareness of the nature of being.

Through ongoing explorations of soundscape, energy fields, and research into ancient and contemporary discourses on natural life, Sheryl pursues projects that explore the space of sound as cosmological readings of today’s increasingly post-wilderness world.

Sheryl Cheung was raised in Taipei, New York, and Beijing. Her work has been shown at the Taipei Fine Art Museum, Taipei Contemporary Art Center, Lacking Sound Festival; Chronus Art Center, Shanghai; JOLT Arts Festival, and Jeju Art Museum, Korea.

This workshop is curated by Lucia H Chung (Happened) as part of her residency with Music Hackspace, which aims to promote and give visibility to artists from Taiwan working with sound. Throughout July, August and September, four Taiwanese artists chosen by Lucia will be taking up short term residencies at Music Hackspace and delivering workshops, artist talks and performances. Lucia’s residency will culminate with a final night of performances in late September.

The venue is located on the ground floor of Somerset House and is fully wheelchair accessible with an accessible toilet. If you have any access requirements, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate them.


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