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In the first part of this workshop, Lu Yi will introduce Buddhist chanting machines. These are small sound players sold throughout Taiwan, China and Japan that play Buddhist chants on repetitive loops and are often used at religious ceremonies and on special dates. Lu Yi will talk about how people use these machines in both normal and abnormal ways by introducing some artist videos which demonstrate the potential of repurposing these objects.

Eventbrite - Music Hackspace Hacking Buddhist Chanting Machines with Lu Yi

Second, will be hacking chanting machines by accessing their small circuit boards inside and finding their clock resistors. This can be done by exploring the circuit board with a wet finger. By touching the resistor with your wet finger you can also change the pitch of the machine. Participants will then be replacing the clock resistors with variable resistors to give more control over the chanting machine’s sound. Finally, at the end of the workshop all participants will be invited to join in a live improvisational jam session.

All tools and materials will be provided by Lu Yi and Music Hackspace.

Lu Yi is a sound artist and a member of Soundwatch Studio. She obtained a master’s degree in Applied Arts from National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan. She did further study in San Francisco at the Academy of Art University and the San Francisco Art Institute. She began working in the sound art sphere in 2011 when she founded Soundwatch Studio with Fujui Wang, a pioneer of sound art in Taiwan. The two have performed live together at events and festivals including “Shoot The Pianist” (Birkbeck School of Arts, University of London), “On Site” (Taipei Artist Village), “B!as 2015: Taiwan-Belgium Sound Art Exchange Project / City Sonic 2015” (Mons, Belgium), Digital Art Festival 2015 “Digitopia” (Songshan Tobacco Factory, Taipei), “Ting Shuo Has Performance” (Ting Shuo Studio,Tainan), “Craked Sonic” (The Wall,Taipei) and Lacking Sound Festival “Listen 100” (The Wall,Taipei).

This workshop is curated by Lucia H Chung (Happened) as part of her residency with Music Hackspace, which aims to promote and give visibility to artists from Taiwan working with sound. Throughout July, August and September, four Taiwanese artists chosen by Lucia will be taking up short term residencies at Music Hackspace and delivering workshops, artist talks and performances. Lucia’s residency will culminate with a final night of performances in late September in collaboration with Lacking Sound Festival.

The venue is located on the ground floor of Somerset House and is fully wheelchair accessible with an accessible toilet. If you have any access requirements, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate them.

This event is supported by the National Culture and Arts Foundation in Taiwan.


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