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Getting Confident with SOPs in TouchDesigner

Taught by: Masha Rozhnova

Workshop series of 2: Monday 5th December & Tuesday 6th December 4pm UK, 5pm Berlin, 8am LA, 11am NYC

In this workshop you will explore using SOPs in creative and technical ways in TD.  You’ll look at how to create and manipulate 3D surfaces via a myriad of techniques. SOPs provide a unique way of creating geometry. The surface types include 3D points, polygons, lines, particles, surfaces, spheres and metaballs. The combination of procedural editing of surface data provides you with a wide range of creative techniques for visual experimentation. To attend this workshop it is recommended that you have taken the free on demand course Getting Started with TouchDesigner


Starts on: 05/12/2022 16:00 London time

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What you'll learn

  • Workshop 1: Appraise the SOP family
  • Workshop 1: Utilize the SOPs in various ways
  • Workshop 1: Manipulate and render SOP content
  • Workshop 1: Explore practical examples using SOPs
  • Workshop 2: Explore the most useful and underrated SOPs
  • Workshop 2: Work and manipulate point data
  • Workshop 2: Utilise SOP operators to manipulate geometric data
  • Workshop 2: Explore practical examples using SOPs

Course content

  • Open the course in Zoom to access all the workshops
  • Workshop File
  • Open the course in Zoom to access all the features
Membership plan: Just Curious | Topic: Visual Arts
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  • A computer and internet connection
  • A webcam and mic
  • A Zoom account
  • A three button mouse
  • TouchDesigner latest version (non-commercial suffices)

Who is this course for

  • Visual artists looking to enhance their use of SOPs in TD
  • Visual artists who wish to create visuals in TouchDesigner using SOPs

Useful links

About the workshop leader

Dancing Pixels (Masha Rozhnova) is a London based artist who creates audio-visual performances and videos for musicians. For the past three years she has been using TouchDesigner as the main tool for content creation, show control and as an engine to enable interaction with the audience. She performed at Live Performers Meeting in Rome, at New River studios and Crux events in London.