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Fundamentals of working with Unreal Engine for musicians

Taught by: Sem Schreuder

In this workshop you’ll learn the very basic fundamentals of Unreal engine. Sem takes you from knowing absolutely nothing about unreal to a level of basic understanding about the engine.This is the very beginning of a series of Unreal Courses, with these very basic fundamentals you’ll be building digital worlds in no time.


What you'll learn

  • Build your own environment in Unreal.
  • Know your way around the Unreal Interface
  • Control actors in your level with blueprints (at a very basic level)

Course content

  • 1. Intro
  • 2. How to start Unreal
  • 3. Where do i manage my Unreal Engine Versions _
  • 4. How do i manage the engine's file size
  • 5. How do i launch Unreal Engine
  • 6. How do i create my own Unreal Project
  • 7. Interface Overview
  • 9. How do i navigate in the viewport
  • 10. What is the World Outliner
  • 11. What is the Details window
  • 12. What is the Content Browser
  • 13. What are the folder structure guidelines
  • 14. What is the Toolbar
  • 8. What is the viewport
  • 15. What are different Level editor modes _
  • 16. How do i add objects to my level
  • 17. How do i transform actors placed in my level
  • 18. How do i duplicate an actor
  • 19. What even are Blueprints _
  • 20. What are cinematics
  • 21. How do i Play my level
  • 22. What are Editors
  • 23. What is a Material Editor
  • 24. How do i apply my newly created material
  • 25. How do i finetune my material
  • 26. How do i import 3D Models
  • 27. What is a Static Mesh Editor
  • 28. What is the Blueprint editor
  • 29. How do i create a very simple Blueprint from scratch
  • 30. What is the Level Sequence editor
  • 31. How do i create a new level from scratch
  • 32. How do i add lights to my level
  • 33. What are light modes _
  • 34. How do i add Environment lights
  • 35. How do i create an emissive material
  • 36. What are Project Settings
  • 38. What are Plugins _
  • 39. How do i add Volumetric Fog
  • 40. How do i create my own skybox
  • 41. End of the workshop!
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  • Must have a video card that is a NVIDIA GeForce 960 GTX or higher.
  • Unreal Engine 5.1
  • Download the Epic Games Launcher 5.0.2

Who is this course for

  • Musicians that want to add visuals to their music using Unreal Engine 5

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About the workshop leader

Sem Schreuder is a Creative Coder / Visual artist with 8+ years of experience working with various tools to create realtime audio reactive visuals for artists and events. Besides creating audio reactive visual systems he’s currently also working as an AR developer for multiple tv shows and live streams.