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Over the course of 2 days participants will learn about the curious and inspiring behaviour of electricity while building a variety of interactive sound circuits. Prior experience with electronics is very helpful but is not necessary. This workshop will utilise a circuit building tool designed by Edwards called the OMSynth which allows users to start tweaking and hacking functional circuits in minutes. The OMSynth is included in the cost of the workshop. If you already have an OMSynth and would like to attend, please get in touch.

All tools and components will be provided.

Peter Edwards is an american artist and inventor and founder of casperelectronics, a DIY electronics resource and icon of the early 2000s circuit bending movement. Edwards currently lives in the Czech Republic where he collaborates with experimental synth design company Bast Instruments. His practice was founded in a formal study of visual and performative arts and was later enriched by a study of electrical engineering and electro acoustics. His focus is primarily on bringing the playful and creatively inspiring behaviour of electricity to the public through performance, education and instrument design.

The venue is located on the ground floor of Somerset House and is fully wheelchair accessible with an accessible toilet. If you have any other access requirements, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate them.

If you have any questions about this event or any of our workshops please contact workshops@stagingmhs.local.

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