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Join a LAB with deaf dancer Chisato Minamimura to consider visual representation of sound for Chisato, to experiment with a number of sonic/digital elements and their responses to her new score 'Time' which she will develop in the next few months with her dancers. This new work explores Japanese concept of MA (negative space), hearing-impairment and the hearing of 'time', and will be staged here and in Japan. Chisato is looking for collaboration to work with up to 5 digital artists, engineers and programmers to visualise her new choreographic score.

Chisato Minamimura is a Japanese deaf dance artist, choreographer exploring the experience of sound/voice/music from a deaf perspective. Chisato has been on this journey for a while and is developing a new score exploring the notion of time from a diversity of perspectives, in London, Brighton and Tokyo.

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