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If you've been making music for more than 15 years, you might remember the first touch screen controller destined for music application, Jazz Mutant's Lemur. Originally launched in 2005, the Lemur was a highly customisable multi-touch screen controller, designed to create your own control user interface. The Lemur offered high definition of control by sending data over OSC, an audacious move that no major MIDI controller manufacturers ever dared to make.

[embed width="720"]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kUhjQHZUTb8[/embed]

I won't dive too much in the story of the Lemur, Peter Kirn did a great job at writing its obituary 10 years ago, and you can find it here. Suffice to say that it found its demise shortly after the launch of the iPad in 2010.

Pascal Joguet was the founder of JazzMutant, and the Lemur wasn't the last design he had in him. A few years ago, Pascal co-founded Joué, aiming to create expressive instrument with a playful design, to lower the barriers of music production.

With a successful Kisckstarter campaign on the way (ending 9th June), Joué will be launching the Joué Play and accessories in October 2020. On Monday 8th June, we will host Pascal Joguet for a livestream, where he will retrace the story of his designs in the past 20 years. Here's the Kicktstarter video of the Joué Play.



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