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This is the third in a series of workshops exploring how Pure Data (Pd) can be integrated into iOS to create sophisticated, interactive iPhone/iPad audio apps. In the first workshop, we learned the basics of how to implement Pd within iOS using libpd, along with some basic UI sliders and switches. In the second, we incorporated gesture recognition and motion sensors. In the third, we will include microphone input and the recording and retrieving of audio files; play with feedback and granulation patches; and look at how to use a barcode reader to algorithmically generate music.

Requirements: you should have Xcode 6 or 7 installed and be able to run a basic implementation of libpd within iOS. Instructions for setting this up can be found in Rafael Hernandez' YouTube series, or in Peter Brinkmann's book Making Musical Apps. It will also be helpful to have an iPhone or iPad, though this is not essential.





This programme is supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.


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