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Jan Lee and Tim Murray-Browne are artists who collaborate together to connect the dancing body with music, graphics and interactive experience. They look at the performed moments in which we create our sense of self, in relation to the sensorial worlds that we mould and in turn mould us. This includes interactive dance with body-controlled generative visuals, immersive sound installations and research into sound architectures: how story and place can emerge through bodily sonic interaction with invisible forms.

They will talk about recent performance work, including This Floating World, an interactive dance show questioning the expressive power of the physical body evolved and amplified by technology. Also Oorgavé Oorgavé, a poetry/dance performance in an interactive sound space, telling the story of two travellers discovering the slip between human and animal, speech and sound. They will talk about research completed in Rio de Janeiro last year in a residency with ZU-UK immersive theatre company researching what are the most basic structures of interactive sound and the question 'Can we feel a sound pixel in space?'

Finally, they will present a preview of their upcoming project Movement Alphabet, combining immersive one-on-one audience interaction with body-driven generative visuals to create portraits of how audience members move and express themselves through their body.

Eventbrite - Artist Talk – Dancing with music, graphics and interactive experience with Jan Lee and Tim Murray-Browne


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