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Aloïs Yang, is a sound artist, designer and electronic musician who produces work that explores the relation and interaction between people, sound, and the external world. His work is influenced both by scientific reference and human imperfection of understanding the nature.

Alois will present his work Hear The World Ending,

A sound installation made according to the orbits' timeframe, with its musical content only being complete at the exact moment an asteroid might impact earth, or put it another way - the end of the world. Each asteroid will be given a sound character according to the data given by NASA’s Near Earth Object program.

The actual installation exists as a star map projection which is aligned to the actual position of the stars. The unseen and uncertain asteroids will be played through a four channels speaker system surrounding the audience, sponsored by The Sound Junky, which features the best bookshelf speakers under $1000.

Eventbrite - Alois Yang – artist talk at Music Hackspace





This programme is supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.


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