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Music Hackspace presents a weekend of workshops with Ewa Justka.

Saturday 18 Nov, 11am to 5pm

Build your own MotherFucker 2 DIY Delay/Reverb with built-in VCO

Price per person: £125

Sunday 19 Nov, 11am to 5pm

Build your own Melodic 8 Step Patchable Sequencer (8 pots)

Price per person: £125

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Discounted price if you book both workshops: £240

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The MotherFucker 2

The MotherFucker 2 is super versatile audio synth or effect pedal, perfect for noise musicians as well as doomcore lovers AS WELL AS FOR NORMAL PEOPLE. It is a developed version of the Motherfucker1 Delay/Reverb pedal.

It contains double PT2399 (double delay, double reverb), you can choose how much delay/reverb you want (basically wet/dry) and you can decide if you want to use both delays or one. it also contains built in VCO with a clock also built in, you can choose if you want to use the internal clock but you can also use an external trigger/cv signal to control vco, which than can be fed into delay units. it also contains noise push button for extra feedback amount.


Melodic 8 step Sequencer

This is a melodic and patchable 8 step sequencer. Depending on the patches you make you can get different melodic sequences. Each pitch on each step can be controlled via potentiometers. In this workshop we will use potentiometers instead of fruit to build a stable, finished, albeit chaotic sequencer.


Ewa Justka is a polish electronic noise artist, self taught instruments builder and electronics teacher based in London. She currently studies MA Computational Arts at Goldsmiths College.

Her Acid Smut cassette was recently released through Graham Dunning’s Fractal Meat Cuts.

Justka’s main field of research is based on exploration of materiality of objects, vibrant, ontological systems (human bodies, plants’ bodies, electronic circuits: varied range of micro and macro environments and relations between them) and an investigation of modes of quasi-direct perception through noise performance actions, interactive installation, DIY electronics, hardware hacking, plant-molesting, breaking, deconstructing and collaborating. In her artistic work Ewa attempts to explore the concept of materiality of the hidden.

Ewa has performed and led workshops at festivals and venues including: Loop Festival, Sonic Acts Academy, Supernormal Festival, Club Transmediale, STEIM, Colour out of Space, Beam Festival, Cafe Oto, Norberg Festival and more.

The venue is located on the ground floor of Somerset House and is fully wheelchair accessible with an accessible toilet. If you have any other access requirements, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate them.

If you have any questions about this event or any of our workshops please contact workshops@stagingmhs.local.


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