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TouchDesigner meetup December - NFTs

Taught by: Bileam Tschepe

Explore the exciting world of NFTs with three expert speakers at the TouchDesigner Meetup. Watch the recording and discover projects like "Everything That Disappears Leaves a Trace" and learn about navigating the crypto-deified world, imagining ways out, and interactive real-time NFTs. Get a unique insight into the future of NFTs and audiovisuals.


Speakers & presentations

Everything That Disappears Leaves a Trace - Harsha will be presenting "Everything That Disappears Leaves a Trace", a digital identity NFT project that aims to capture the genesis of the next phase in human evolution by creating melting portraits of human beings migrating from the real to the digital; the present to the future.

Egregores & Imagining ways out - On navigating crypto-deified strata + corpo skullduggery for artists who have to fight for the respect that everyone else is given without question.

Interactive real-time NFTs - Presentation of my interactive pieces and my vision on how interactive and real-time audiovisuals are shaping and gaining their place in the NFTs world.

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About the workshop leader

Bileam Tschepe aka elekktronaut is a Berlin based artist and educator who creates audio-reactive, interactive and organic digital artworks, systems and installations in TouchDesigner, collaborating with and teaching people worldwide.