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Synthesis with Max: Physical Modelling

Taught by: Ned Rush


What you'll learn

  • Build Physical Modelling devices via MSP oscillator objects
  • Explore Physical Modelling spectral sonic properties
  • Construct modulation sources for Physical Modelling synthesis devices
  • Define the sonic timbre and strengths and weakness of Physical Modelling synthesis

Course content

  • Max patches
  • Part 1 - Introduction and building a delay line
  • Part 2 - Introducing noise sources
  • Part 3 - Feedback Processing and filtering
  • Part 4 - Adding Midi control of pitch
  • Part 5 - Adding a sequencer
  • Part 6 - Developing the sequencer by adding random
  • Part 7 - Porting to Max For Live and Q&A
Membership plan: Just Curious | Topics: Sound Design ...

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  • A computer and Internet connection
  • A good working knowledge of computer systems
  • A basic awareness of audio processing
  • Good familiarity with MSP
  • Access to a copy of Max 8 (i.e. trial or full license)

Who is this course for

  • This course is for people with a programming background who are interested in creating synthesis devices.

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About the workshop leader

Duncan Wilson (aka Ned Rush) is a musician, producer and content creator based in the UK. Whilst perhaps largely known for his Youtube channel, he has also released music independently as well developing content for Isotonik Studios.