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Interactive video with Jitter - LIVE Session

Taught by: Federico Foderaro


What you'll learn

  • We will start from the very basics of working with videos and images in Max, learning how to import footage and live camera stream and how those can be processed in the software. We will then see how to unlock the full control over visuals manipulation and analysis using the GEN environment, which allows us to work on video and images at the pixel level. We will finally proceed to introduce the OpenGL implementation inside Max, with which we can create 3D graphics and visually satisfying post-processing effects. A major focus of the workshop will be to include interaction in our patches. We will use audio streams to control and modify the parameter of our visuals, as well as others interactive inputs like camera video stream. At the end of the workshop we will have a showreel of the works created by the participants during the four weeks.

Course content

  • Handouts for Session 01 < Updated 14 Jan >
  • Patches Session 01
  • Session 1
  • Assignments Session 01
  • Patches_Session_02
  • Session 2
  • Assignments Session 02
  • 3D Shape Abstraction
  • Patches from Session 03
  • Session 3
  • Explanations on [ jit.bfg ] (Perlin Noise)
  • Movie Player Abstraction
  • Patches Session 04
  • Session 4
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  • A computer and internet connection

Who is this course for

  • The workshop is aimed at anyone who would like to learn how to create interactive visuals with the software Max/MSP/Jitter from Cycling74.

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