Experimental Audio FX in Max

Membership plan: Getting Started | Topics: Sound Design

Course overview

In this workshop you will build an experimental audio FX device that utilizes buffers to create a novel delay line. Experimental processing will be added to the signal path to provide unique sound design possibilities. This workshop aims to provide you with suitable skills to begin exploring building unique, novel and experimental audio FX devices in the Max MSP environment.

What you'll learn

  • Identify key MSP objects for building delay FX devices
  • Build delay line audio FX devices via buffer, record and groove
  • Build feedback and processing networks
  • Explore UI concepts and design

Who is this course for?

  • This course is for users with a previous knowledge on Max or Pure Data and some rudiments of digital audio and an interest in building experimental audio FX devices

Course content

  • Who is it for?
  • Learning outcomes
  • Study topics
  • Max patch
  • Part 1 - Hello and Build Delay line with buffer, record and groove
  • Part 2 - Adding the feedback loop
  • Part 3 - Developing feedback
  • Part 4 - Removing clicks and adding triggered recording and other experiments
  • Part 5 - UI Design and end


  • A computer and Internet connection
  • A good working knowledge of computer systems
  • A basic awareness of audio processing
  • Good familiarity with MSP
  • Access to a copy of Max 8 (i.e. trial or full license)
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