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Digital Windchimes / An Introduction to Generative Music - On demand

Taught by: Samuel Pearce Davies

Brian Eno once described a set of chimes being blown in the wind as an example of generative music. Adapting this philosophy of music-making to a digital setting, we can create environments where a series of musical elements can be triggered semi-randomly, akin to the blowing of wind.


What you'll learn

  • In this workshop you will learn to create such a system in Max/MSP, building a simple synthesised bell-like sound with variable timbre which will then be ‘played’ by a loose algorithm that you will construct. This will involve learning a form of subtractive synthesis using a bank of resonant filters, applying variable controls to both its generation and post-processing through reverb and delay, and finally using combinations of random number generators to make digital ‘wind’.

Course content

  • Part 1 - Introduction to Generative Music
  • Part 2 - Synthesising a More Complex Tone
  • Part 3 - Generating Randomised Bell Textures
  • Part 4 - Further Randomising Timbre
  • Part 5 - Completing the Windchime
  • Part 6 - Multiple Windchimes
  • Part 7 - Connecting Everything Up and Playing the Chimes
  • Part 8 - Constructing the ‘Wind’
  • Part 9 - Epilogue – Happy Little Accidents
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  • You should be comfortable with the general workflow and data formatting in Max
  • Some basic knowledge of frequencies (hz) in relation to music-making would be a plus

Who is this course for

  • This course is for people interested in approaching generative music and subtractive synthesis.

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