Creative Vocal Looping With BOSS Loop Stations

Membership plan: Going Deeper | Topics: Music Production

Course overview

- Learn to use BOSS Loop Stations (RC Series)

- Live workshop on live looping with audio recording

- Create dynamic live performance using your voice and live recordings

- Learn how to layer, compose and build musical ideas with your voice

- Perfect for loop artists, multi-instrumentalists, and vocalists

What you'll learn

  • Identify and deploy human beat-boxing techniques
  • Route and record audio via BOSS Loop Stations
  • Layer multiple sounds in a loop recording
  • Explore creative live-looping of sounds via BOSS Loop Stations

Who is this course for?

  • Vocalists and multi-instrumentalists looking to get started with live looping
  • Music producers interested in learning creative live looping techniques

Course content

  • Audio files
  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. About Grace Savage + demonstration
  • 3. Updating loop station
  • 4. Overview of the MK-2 + Setup
  • 5. One shot setup
  • 6. Memory
  • 7. Looping
  • 8. Connecting the Loopstation
  • 9. Naming the track
  • 10. How to Beatbox part 1
  • 11. How to Beatboxpart 2
  • 12. Multi-track looping and structuring a rountine
  • 13. Overdub mode
  • 14. Finding creativity
  • 15. What it sounds like with it all oput together
  • 16. Adding voice
  • 17. Top tip for building rontines
  • 18. Application and Live Looping
  • 19. Potential of the loopstation


  • A computer and internet connection
  • Access to a BOSS Loop Station (RC Series) or have an interest in seeing its creative potential

Course schedule

Meet your instructor

Grace Savage is a multifaceted artist; 4 x UK beatbox champion and creator of her own unique blend of electronic-pop that has heard her music on the likes of BBC Radio 1, Radio 6 Music and many more. Once her debut EP was released in 2017, tastemakers soon picked up on Grace’s originality, vulnerability and the darkly humorous bite in her lyrics, awarding her critical appraisal for her ability to create catchy tunes that hit the sweet spot between left-field artistry and pop songs that resonate with the masses. She was shortlisted for "Best Songwriter" and "Best Female Solo Act" at the Unsigned Music Awards and recently showcased her songwriting skills on Redbull UK's online songwriting competition "The Cut". In 2021 she won two awards for "Best Sound and Music" (LGBT Feedback Film Festival) and “Best Score” (Swindon International Independent Film Festival) for her debut film score in a BBC commissioned short Film "Her & Her”.

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Heather Chetwynd
Heather Chetwynd
6 months ago

Hi I love the course. But there’s an issue with number 15 which is incomplete and I don’t know how to comment other than saying it here. The video cuts off after about 15 seconds.


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