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MIDI Programming in Ableton Live - On-demand

Taught by: Simone Tanda

By turning off the quantize function on his MPC  J Dilla ushered a new era of groove in electronic music production. Composing beats using both rushing and dragging feels while also making sure that notes remained musically coherent.


What you'll learn

  • Develop an understanding of pulse, subdivision and polyrhythms
  • Acquire an understanding of the Groove
  • Using the Groove Pool and Warping to program beats with both MIDI and audio content
  • Identify & apply the right quantization values to apply to your programming

Course content

  • Part 1 - Intro - Lesson's Aims
  • Part 2 - Straight and Swing Feel-Groove Ex
  • Part 3 - Ableton - Create Straight and Swing drum patterns
  • Part 4 - Define the appropriate terminology - BPM, Rhythm, Subdivision, Groove
  • Part 5 - Polymeter VS Polyrhythm
  • Part 6 - Recap
  • Part 7 - Ableton - Create Groove by using MIDI Warping
  • Part 8 - Ableton - Using the Groove Groove Pool
Membership plan: Just Curious | Topics: Music Production ...

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  • A computer and internet connection
  • A web cam and mic
  • A Zoom account
  • Access to a copy of Live Suite or Standard (i.e. trial or full license)

Who is this course for

  • This workshop intends to equip you with the skills to program hip hop beats and music ideas with a drunk drummerfeel inspired by producers and musicians such as J Dilla, Questlove, Flying Lotus, or Kaytranada.

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About the workshop leader

Simone Tanda is a musician, producer, multi-media artist, tech consultant, and educator. Based across London & Berlin he is currently creating music for his own project, as well as multidisciplinary artists, film, and commercials.