Enrico Bertelli

Enrico Bertelli

PhD candidate in Contemporary Performance – Percussion and Electronics. Website.

Deeply interested in alternative performance solutions, focussed on the theatricality of the percussive gesture. The regular performances in various European festivals showcase an interest in creating a strong connection with the audience. The speech is consistently present between pieces and is also incorporated directly into the more theatrical one. The public is led seamlessly into the performance, unable to distinguish the boundaries with the presentation or to identify the gestures.


An investigation of MIDI and live-electronics applied to percussion, in a creative way. The research aims to overcome the spacial and logistic problems that every percussionist has to face day after day: noisy, small and cluttered rooms.

Samplers and various ad hoc patches have been used to collect an original library and to transform aseptic MIDI instruments into responsive and organic one-man-band instruments.

The electro-acoustic side of the research looks into how to generate longer and, most of all, pitched sounds, from the short outbursts of a snare drum. New sticks, new techniques, new approaches.



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