Paul Pignon, 50 years of free improvisation, Thurs 8th of May, 7pm

On Thursday 8th of May, Paul Pignon will be sharing his 50-year experience of free improvisation and engagement with electronic music instruments.

WHERE:  Troyganic, 132 Kingsland Road, near Hoxton station, at the corner of Cremer street.

WHEN: Thursday 8th of May 2014, 7pm


paul pignon

WHAT: Paul said: “I had imagined it would be some kind of general forum where people talked about what they’re doing or have done, and if anyone was interested I could say a few words about the studio I helped set up in Belgrade and the Synthi 100 custom built for that studio, and/or about some of the programming and composing I have done at EMS Stockholm, and/or about Fylkingen and/or my 50 years experience in free improvisation.

Just off the cuff and brief.

AND ALSO: We invite everyone to come and bring their project to share, get or give advice!

SQ (aka Sound Quartet) performance. Wednesday 30th April

Music Hackspace event: Sound performance with SQ
When: Wednesday 30th of April, 7.30pm
Where: 132 Kingsland Road, Corner of Cremer Street, London E2 8DYSQ

SQ (Sound Quartet) explores music inaccessible to contemplative composition. Devoting many hours to develop skills which circumvent learning and amplify responses to the moment. Each piece is a sortie into uncertainty along paths never followed before, with assiduous unpremeditation and susceptibility of mind and body as our guides. States far from equilibrium can branch on barely perceptible quantum quivers to sublime and unexpected trajectories, even a false step can open a new passage if grasped as a sign.. We hope the listeners will come along and find the journeys rewarding.

SQ will showcase a set of wind and electronics live improvisation, interspersed with short EAM pieces. Visuals will be provided by Viktor Zeidner of Deadpixel. There will also be a chance to talk about their work, practise and upcoming events.

Thomas Bjelkeborn is a sound artist, electronic musician and acousmatic composer from Sweden. He is also a curator for the PUSH festival and Club Lamour in Gävle and Stockholm. He has performed at many electroacoustic and electronic festivals on all continents.

Thomas will play Alpha Position U, composed in autumn 2007 in Studio Alpha at Visby International Center for Composers in Sweden with a grant awarded by The Swedish Society of Composers.

Paul Pignon:
Playing and composing music of almost every kind for nearly 60 years, physics degree, pioneer in EAM. First foray into non-idiomatic improvisation in 1962 (Oxford). Has lived about equally in the UK, Yugoslavia and Sweden.

Paul’s contribution will be the first movement from Adagio Lugubre.

Digital Design Drop-in at the V&A. Saturday 26th of April

Digital Design Drop-in: Music Hackspace
What: Free talks and tours
When: Saturday 26 April, 13.00-16.00
Where: V&A, Room 21a
Entry: Free, Drop-in, no booking required

Music Hackspace will be taking over the next pop-up studio showcase at the V&A. Drop-in anytime between 13.00 and 16.00 to meet great examples of work and Music Hackspace members including:

Tasos Stamou‘s circuit bended toys.
Andy Farnell.
Oscilla, by Andrea Santini.
Water Speaker, by Saif Bunny and Tim Yates.
Silly Beats, by Eshan Ziya.
Untitled work in progress by 0AH (Borja Caro).

OSCILLA: Interactive installation and presentation by Andrea Santini

When: Thursday 17th April, 7.30 pm
Where: 132 Kingsland Road, Corner of Cremer Street, London E2 8DY


Oscilla is a scalable interactive audiovisual instrument designed & developed by Andrea Santini at UBIKteatro (Venice), which enables musical interplay between multiple users within a responsive, projected visual environment.

Inspired by the Latin ‘Oscilla’ (votive objects that would swing in the wind) and by the Victorian ‘Harmonograph’ (a mechanical instrument for visualising frequency relationships), OSCILLA is a playful exploration of the oscillatory roots of sound, of its visualisation, of the foundations of music and, ultimately, of the ‘harmonic’ relationships within groups.

A projected scalable interface allows for context-specific adaptability and for a variety of intuitive physical interaction paradigms whereby the positions and movements of people or objects, optically tracked within a given area, determine the volume and pitch of a set of sine-wave oscillators.Each position and frequency value is projected on the main surface, along with music notation, while a visual representation of the resulting combination of sounds (Lissajous curves) is plotted in real-time on a second screen.The oscillators’ outputs, when discretely amplified by multiple loudspeakers, also provide different auditory spatial perspectives into each harmonic structure, while enhancing natural acoustics and resonances of the installation space.

Participants can thus create morphing chords and harmonies, explore unusual microtonal intervals and beat frequencies while discovering the fascinating relationships between harmonic structures and their visual counterparts.

ANTWERP: Live performance, Thursday 10th of April


London-based producer Antwerp will showcase at the Music Hackspace presenting a polished blend of dreamy-ethnic sounds with field recordings and feel-good electro music.

When:Thursday 10th of April, 7.00pm
Where:132 Kingsland Road, Corner of Cremer Street, London E2 8DY, Shoreditch

Join us!

PERFORMANCE CANCELLED BlackBox Loops by Joe Cantrell


When: Thursday 27th March, 7.30pm
Where: 132 Kingsland Road, Corner of Cremer Street, London E2 8DY

BlackBox Loops

This performance piece is an exploration of the sonic possibilities of obsolete sound technology. Antiquated effects processors have their outputs sent via a small mixer into their inputs so that a feedback loop is established and can be manipulated. A stereo line is split out from this loop so that the effects are audible. In addition to the obsolete units, hacked guitar pedals and acoustic instruments are also introduced into the system to direct and affect the sonic output.

Joe Cantrell is a musician and multi-media artist specializing in sound art, installations, compositions and performances inspired by the implications and consequences of technological objects and practices.His work examines the incessant acceleration of technology and media production, its ownership, and the waste it produces.

As a sound artist, Joe has performed and installed in numerous venues, including the REDCAT Theater at Disney Hall in Los Angeles, the 2012 festival of the Society for Electroacoustic Music in the US as well as artist residencies in New York, London and Beijing.

His work has been honored with grants from the Creative Capital Foundation, New Music USA as well as being nominated for a Rydell Visual Arts Fellowship.

Joe holds a BFA in music technology from the California Institute of the Arts and an MFA in digital arts and new media from UC Santa Cruz. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Integrative Studies at UC San Diego.

Meet Bruno Zamborlin and Play the World with Mogees

When: Thursday 13th of March 2014, 7.30pm
Where: Troyganic, 132 Kingsland Road, London
What: Presentation of Mogees by Bruno Zamborlin

Join us this Thursday with Bruno Zamborlin to experience Mogees, discover how it works and learn about its successful Kickstarter campaign.

Mogees, an innovative new way for everyone to let their musical imagination run wild, transforming the objects around us into unique and powerful musical instruments.

Mogees consists of a mobile app and a small sensor optimised to work with smartphones which detects and analyses the vibrations that we make when we interact with the objects around us. It uses an audio synthesis technique inspired to audio physical modelling, in order to create a tight, coupling the gesture and the object you selected, altering their acoustic properties so as to make them musical.

Thu 6th Feb: CEEMI’s Test Drive presentation with Gil Teixeira

When: Thursday, 6th of February 2014, 7.00pm
Where: Troyganic 132 Kingsland Road, London E2 8DY

What: Presentation with Gil Teixeira about CEEMI’s Test Drive – A Collaborative Experimental Electronic Music Instrument for an ongoing artistic research on human engagement

The CEEMI is a Max MSP based electronic music instrument aimed at allowing non-musicians of all age groups and backgrounds, a real collaborative compositional/performative experience, by combining a sonic palette derived mostly from the so-called experimental electronic music with pre-existent and widespread technological interfaces.
Inspired by Varèse’s and Cage’s definition of music as nothing more than organized sound, Gil decided to limit the CEEMI’s output to drones, pulses, found sounds, sfx and noise. Definitely not the kind of soundworld typically associated with the community music scene, but one that’s actually free from the specialized jargon of the tempered system, a jargon that so many times scares non-musicians away from actively engaging in a musical creative process.
And by relying on tablets, laptops, smartphones and other familiar devices as possible ways of controlling the CEEMI, he hopes to not only tackle another big obstacle to such engagement – the traditional music instrument with its daunting learning curve – but also to transform and humanize the usage of such gadgets. His research project is not so much about humans interacting with technology, but about technology as a means to explore human interaction.

Gil Teixeira is a musician – founding member of the instrumental post-rock band La La La Ressonance ( -, classical guitar teacher and creative workshop leader from Portugal, that has developed in recent years a keen interest in the exploration of technology in collaborative music making contexts as part of his ongoing research. He’s led various creative projects in Portugal, UK, Austria, USA and Tanzania and took on the musical/artistic direction of the original multimedia shows “Daqui a Dili”(2011) and “Giacometti 2.0″(2013) staged at Oporto’s Casa da Música.

With a BA in both Philosophy and Classical Guitar Performance, he’s currently a post-graduate Leadership student in London’s Guildhall School of Music & Drama.


2014 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING, Friday 17th of January

When: 7pm, Friday 17th Jan 2014
Where: Troyganic 132 Kingsland Road, London E2 8DY
1. Introduction
Present and apologies
2. Vision and objectives
Music Hackspace vision and objectives for 2014
Accounts (Jean-Baptiste Thiebaut)
3. Report of activities, strategy and planning 
2013 programme review
Regular meetings status (location and frequency of events)
Space hunting*
MaxMSP meet ups
Projects, collaborations and residencies
4. Status of the organisation
Roles and responsibilities
6. Online activities
Website review
7. Conclusion
Final announcements

Wed 20th Nov. “his Nameless Is Legion” with Oliver Stummer at Troyganic

When: Wednesday 20th November, 9.00pm (late start)

Where: Troyganic 132 Kingsland Road, London E2 8DY

“his Namelessness Is Legion”  is an ambient/electronic/drone side project of Austrian musician Oliver Stummer aka Tomoroh Hidari. Oliver Stummer is an Austrian electronic musician, producer and multi-instrumentalist currently living and working in London.

As Tomoroh Hidari he has been releasing and performing glitch-infused IDM, Ambient and Breakcore since 2003 on labels such as Isolate Records, Record Label Records, Vienna Wildstyle, Laridae and more.

He also releases as his Namelessness Is Legion, where he focuses on drone music as well as, more recently, entering the sound art & noise field with self built sound devices and circuit bent instruments and effects.

Besides his solo efforts he’s done production- and programming work with industrial outfit Kreuzweg Ost (Cold Spring), Viennese New Wave Band Müde, Breakcore/Industrial crossover project Anathemasochist (with Hecate aka Rachel Kozak), whose debut album should be out in early 2014 and been performing with the jam collective Dystopian Dub Developments.

Together with Austrian author and musician Liesl Ujvary he collaborated on writing and performing new music for the Trautonium, an early electronic instrument made famous by Oskar Sala, which earned them a place on Sub Rosa’s “An Anthology of Noise and Electronic Music” compilation series.

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