Home made loop pedal by Josh Shirt

Josh Shirt is a DJ and electronic music producer influenced by a love of Indie rock and roll and electronic dance music. Under the name Shirty he combines both types of music: www.soundcloud.com/shirty Shirty has created a homemade loop pedal and controller for Ableton Live from a computer keyboard. He plans to use this to perform his music live during his DJ sets. His homemade setup offers many advantages over the popular loop pedals available on the market – most of... Read More

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micro_research: psychogeophysics explorations by Martin Howse

Presentation on Thursday 19th of July 2012, 7 pm micro_research is a mobile research platform exploring psychogeophysics and asking the question of where precisely the plague known as software executes. micro_research is active in London, Berlin, and Peenemünde and is funded by workshops, exhibitions and the sales of noise modules such as the blackdeath and micro-blackdeath devices. During this week Martin Howse is working on The Crystal World Open Laboratory, a five day lab... Read More

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Hackteria: Yashas Shetty

Thursday 12th of July 2012, 7pm. Hackteria is a collection of Open Source Biological Art Projects instigated in February 2009 by Andy Gracie, Marc Dusseiller and Yashas Shetty. As a community platform hackteria tries to encourage the collaboration of scientists, hackers and artists to combine their expertise, write critical and theoretical reflections, share simple instructions to work with life science technologies and cooperate on the organisation of workshops, festival... Read More

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29th Jul 2012, micro_blackdeath ATmega noise workshop

Sunday 29th of July, 12pm. Please register via workshops@musichackspace.org (Places are limited so please register early). Reference: http://www.1010.co.uk/org/yersinia.html Workshop leader: Martin Howse http://1010.co.uk/org Price: £50 including all parts and matt black PCB. … to bring back to all of us a natural, occult equivalent of the dogma we no longer believe. /[Antonin Artaud]/ The micro_blackdeath is a small, battery operated plague synthesis unit, embedding... Read More

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