Recycled Tunes: making hits out of Rubbish

On Thursday 22nd of March, Martin Malii-Karlsson will present “Recycled Tunes: making hits out of Rubbish” To promote sustainability and recycling to young people using music and social media. We want to build a sound/lyrics/visual bank/radio of recycled material open for people to share and mash up. Plus pull in data from ex twitter about peoples thoughts about sustainability.   Short fundraising video   Longer Pilot... Read More

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PatchWerk Radio: Generative Internet Radio

PatchWerk Radio Architecture

On Thursday the 15th of March, Guy John will talk and answer questions about PatchWerk Radio. PatchWerk Radio is a generative music internet radio station that streams constantly changing audio twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. It is built with Pure Data at its heart and wrapped in Python to help make things a bit more manageable. The project lives at and all the code, including the patches themselves can be found at the github repository. The... Read More

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