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We Move Session 1: Helen Noir - Modern Orchestration / 22nd Feb

We Move - Session 2: Halina Rice, Constructing Immersive Performance / 1st March

We Move - Session 3: Katie Tavini - What Even Is Mastering Anyway? / 8th March

We Move - Session 4: LNA Does Audio Stuff, Creative Workflows, Songwriting for Producers / 9th March

We Move - Session 5: Vicky O’Neon, Live Drum Looping with Ableton / 10th March

We Move - Session 6: Bishi, Technology and Agency / 15th March

We Move - Session 7: Jess Bartlett, Introduction to Data Sonification / 26th April

We Move - Session 8: Catherine Anne Davies - Finding Inspiration in Culture / 7th April

We Move - Session 9: Thea Cochrane, Blurring the Lines of Sound Design / 12th April

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We Move Session 11: Laura Lee - Hybrid Guitar Production & Performance / 17th May

We Move Session 12: Lia Mice - Designing Large Scale Digital Instruments / 24th May

We Move Sessio: Chagall - BTS on the “Unlocked” Tour / June 21st

We Move Session: Isobel Anderson - Using Field Recordings In Music Production / 26th July

We Move Session: Leslie Gaston - Immersive Audio 101 / 7th July

We Move Session: Sara Adkins - Machine Learning and Composition / 14th June

We Move Session: Anna Disclaim - Unique to Ableton Live / 28th June

We Move Session: Eve Horne - DAWs as Tools: In Conversation With / 12th July

We Move Session: Poppy Roberts - Creative Beatmaking with Ableton / 14th July

We Move Session: IORA - Composition and Dyslexia / 19th July

We Move: Jess Camilleri - 7 Things You Wish You Knew Before You Hired A Mix Engineer / 9th August

We Move: Grace Savage - Finding My Voice: My Journey as an Independent Artist / 23rd August

We Move Session: Marie Tricaud - Interactive Prototypes for Musical Interfaces / 18th August