Tim Murray-Browne and Tiff Chan: Impossible Alone

IMPOSSIBLE ALONE is an interactive installation where music, movement and video-games collide, created in collaboration with Tiff Chan from Central School of Speech and Drama. A vast soundscape awaits discovery, yet can only be accessed through synchronised movement between two people. In this presentation I will talk about the ideas that led up to the installation, how it’s been received and where we’re hoping to take it. Tim Murray-Browne Tom and Guy performing with... Read More

Sam Duffy: Augmented Saxophone

Thursday 03/11/2011 Sam Duffy is a saxophone player with audio engineering experience, currently undertaking research on the Media and Arts Technology PhD programme at Queen Mary University. She has just finished a project with British Telecom and Aldeburgh Music examining the interactions which take place within instrumental music lessons and how these interactions change when lessons take place via video conferencing. She has been considering the conflict between electronically... Read More

Arduino based Harmonic Clock project

Thursday 27/10/2011, Filip (Zambari) Filip Tomaszewski aka Zambari is an audiovisual artist, working in the fields of live video, experimental electronic music, and creating workflows and tools for live and studio performers, including programming and custom hardware creations, including projects like EQ-AV (av show+software) AV-BRAIN (hardware), Harmonic Clock (hardware), TC24 (workflow), VJ loops on Archive.org and others zambari (at) gmail dot com http://eq-av.com http://zambari.info The... Read More