11th Nov 2012, Circuit bending workshop

A new session in our series of circuit bending / hacking sound toys workshops. Date/time: Sunday 11th Nov, 2 pm to 7 pm 
Location: London Music Hackspace (Unit 30). Cremer Business Centre, 37 Cremer Street. London E2 8HD Materials/fee: Materials and components are included and will be provided for all participants, there is a fee of £25. Learn the necessary techniques to turn hackable toys into useful sound devices, electronic instruments or, who knows, sound sculptures perhaps.... Read More

Expert Sleepers meets Soundplane, By Andrew Ostler

Thursday 1st of November 2012, 7pm, at Troyganic, 137 Kingsland Road, E2 8DY, London. Andrew Ostler is a developer of software plug-ins and hardware modular synthesisers, active  under the company name Expert Sleepers. On November 1st, Andrew will present his products, and how they integrate with Soundplane, a touch controller developed by Madrona Labs. Andrew will explain how the Soundplane communicates with host software using MIDI or OSC. He will also allow people to try... Read More

28th Oct 2012, Circuit bending workshop

  Learn the necessary techniques to turn hackable toys into useful sound devices, electronic instruments or, who knows, sound sculptures perhaps.This will be a practical, hands-on workshop, including an introduction to the most easy and effective bending techniques and a presentation about instrument designs and musicians using hacked equipment. Participants will have the opportunity of testing and hacking new projects. Everyone is welcome to bring their own devices for... Read More

Artist talk by Leslie Deere

Artist talk 18th of October 2012, 7pm. At Troyganic, 132 Kingsland Road, London. Originally from Tennessee, Leslie Deere is a London based artist working with a variety of media. She comes from a performing arts background as a trained dancer of 14 years. She studied for a BA Honours degree in Sonic Art and holds a Masters Degree in Communication Art & Design from the Royal College of Art. Leslie works with sculptures and sound, and creates installation such as “Amplified... Read More

Music Hackspace 1-year Anniversary

London Music Hackspace first anniversary event – an evening of performances Thursday 11th of October 2012, 7pm until 12pm, Troyganic.   The Music Hackspace celebrates its first anniversary with an evening of performances. The event is taking place on Thursday 11th October 2012 at Troyganic Cafe (132 Kingsland Road, Corner of Cremer Street, London E2 8DY), 7pm to 12 pm. Confirmed artists: Blanca Regina and Matthias Kispert performing Banquet, a Live Cinema Performance mixing... Read More

LEGO Musical Sculpture, Alex Allmont

Presentation on Thursday 4th of October, 7pm. Alex Allmont’s playful LEGO musical sculptures draw upon the tipping points in nature. Exploring the boundaries between dissonance and consonance, stability and instability, his pieces offer an opportunity to consciously untangle complex systems. They aim to capture and sustain the moment of realisation, where overwhelming detail melts away into simplicity. His current research at Oxford Brookes focuses this attention to complexity... Read More

Hacked sound toys pictures

On the weekend we had a hacking sound toys workshop at the Music Hackspace. Placed on the working surface: a bunch of second-hand electronic children’s toys, a few rear panels finely chopped, a handful of resistors and some crocodile clips (among other things). All was cooked after the required introduction to circuit bending techniques. Thank you Tasos for sharing your tips and tricks and to all the assistants for their contribution to unconventional sonic creation.  Read More

Shoreditch Sisters science and music meeting

We’ve been invited by the Shoreditch Sisters Women’s Institute group to participate in one of their monthly events, in this occasion a music and science themed meeting (https://www.facebook.com/events/121138904700346) So next Tuesday 25th of September, we’re having a Music Hackspace presentation followed by demos. The event also includes a talk by Guerilla Science about the evolution of music. Tuesday, 25 September 2012 at 19:00 Bethnal Green Working Men’s... Read More

Meet Tim Murray-Browne, Composer in Residency

Presentation on Thursday 20th of September 2012, 7pm. My name is Tim Murray-Browne and I’m greatly honoured to have been invited to spend the next ten months within the Music Hackspace as resident composer under Sound and Music’s embedded composer residency programme. During this time I am proposing to explore the concept of ensemble within the musical hacking culture. In Thursday’s talk I will introduce myself, discuss why I think ensemble and hacking are ideas... Read More

21st 22nd Sept 2012, Circuit bending workshop

On Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd of September 2012 we will host the 2nd workshop at the Music Hackspace. Sound artist Tasos Stamou will introduce some of the most convenient techniques to turn priceless junk into killing-sound electronic instruments and sound sculptures. The first day will be dedicated to present some of the most easy and effective techniques to turn simple objects into useful sound devices. There will also be an introduction to electronic music compositional... Read More