Befaco Modular Synth Workshop, 6th and 7th Feb 2016


We welcome Befaco for the first of our 2016 Music Hackspace workshops at Limewharf. Join us for a weekend of DIY modular synth making on 6th and 7th February 2016!

HANDS ON WORKSHOP: build your own synth modules on eurorack format. We provide all the necessary components to build your device from scratch. Each participant builds her/his own machine during the workshop.

REGISTRATION. Please note a minimum number of participants is required for this workshop to take place, so please book your place asap!

With this item you will be booking a spot in our workshop.Please send an email to workshops@stagingmhs.local indicating which module/s you want to build. This £20 booking fee will be deducted during the workshop from the price of the kit of your choice. Please note there will be no refunds in case of cancelling / not showing.Thanks for the reservation and see you soon!

Choose which Befaco module/s to build:

Spring reverb – 150 GBP

Even VCO – 130 GBP

BF22 VCF – 140 GBP

Rampage – 170 GBP

Instrument Interface – 125 GBP

Output module – 70 GBP

Mixer – 55 GBP

Crush Delay v2 – 130 GBP

Hexa VCA – 150 GBP

Dual Atenuverter – 55 GBP

Slew Limiter – 65 GBP

Sampling Mod – 130 GBP

Power supply + Power bus – 90 GBP

Power Bus – 50 GBP

Required skills: interest and patience. No previous experience in electronics is necessary.

Required materials: Fine tip soldering iron less than 25w is recommended (we can provide some soldering irons and hand tools for participants who don’t have their own).

When: Sat 6th  and Sun 7th February 2016, 11am to 7 pm.

Where: Music Hackspace @ LimeWharf Yard. LimeWharf, Vyner Street E2 9DJ London

If you have any questions please email us at: workshops@stagingmhs.local

Befaco is a Synth DIY/open hardware platform focused on designing modules and organizing modular synth workshops regularly in Madrid, Barcelona, Berlin and London. Befaco Workshops FAQ’s.

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