DIY Eurorack workshop with Befaco on 27th and 28th August

Hands on workshop: build your own synth modules on eurorack format. We provide all the necessary components to build your device from scratch. Each participant builds her/his own machine during the workshop.

REGISTRATION. Please note a minimum number of participants is required for this workshop to take place, so please book your place asap!

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  • With this item you will be booking a spot in our workshop.
  • Please send an email to workshops@stagingmhs.local indicating which module/s you’d like to build.
  • This £20 booking fee will be deducted during the workshop from the price of the kit/s of your choice.
  • Please note there will be no refunds in case of cancelling / not showing.
  • Thanks for the reservation and see you soon!

Join us for a weekend of DIY modular synth making on 27th and 28th August 2016:

  • Required skills: interest and patience. No previous experience in electronics is necessary.
  • Required materials: Fine tip soldering iron less than 25w is recommended (we provide soldering irons and hand tools for participants who don’t have their own).
  • When: Sat 27th  and Sun 28th August 2016, 11am to 7 pm.
  • Where: Music Hackspace @ LimeWharf Yard. LimeWharf, Vyner Street E2 9DJ London

Befaco is a Synth DIY/open hardware platform focused on designing modules and organizing modular synth workshops regularly in Madrid, Barcelona, Berlin and London. You can read Befaco Workshops FAQ’s for more details.

Befaco modules available :

Spring reverb …………………150 GBP
Even VCO ……………………130 GBP
BF22 VCF……………………..140 GBP
Rampage…………………………….170 GBP
Instrument Interface………..125 GBP
Output module……………….. 70 GBP
Mixer………………………………55 GBP
Crush Delay……………………130 GBP
Hexa VCA………………………150 GBP
power supply + power bus……90 GBP
Power Bus………………………..50 GBP
Dual Atenuverter………………55 GBP
Joysitck controller…………….120 GBP
Slew Limiter ………………………….60 GBP
Sampling Mod………….130 GBP
Midi thing……………..125GBP

Also we have 4ms and Bastl kits available. If you are interested please let us know in advance:

RCD Breackout  55GBP
SCM Breackout 105 GBP

Grandpa: 130 GBP

If you have any questions please email us at: workshops@stagingmhs.local

The Music Hackspace programme is supported using public funding by Arts Council England.

This activity is part of the workshop series #SoundUnfolded, curated by Susanna Garcia. #SoundUnfolded  brings together action-based ideas about sound and explores the relationships we can establish with sound through the act of making.


Music Hackspace at LimeWharf – Launch Party


We are moving to the creative lab and cultural innovation centre LimeWharf! Which means celebration is in order! Join us for the inaugural event at our new space, a launch party to celebrate our new partnership with the awesome LimeWharf.

Just a few minutes from our former home at Containerville, we’ll form part of the cultural innovation hub and artistic laboratory that is LimeWharf, surrounded by awesome people, with a larger space to host events & seminars, and even a fully licensed bar.

THURSDAY 17TH DEC – 7pm to 10pm at Limewahrf (Vyner St, London E2 9DJ)

Featuring performances from:

Originally from Tennessee, Leslie moved to the UK to study Sonic Art, continuing from a performing arts dance background in NYC. One of the current Music Hackspace artists in residence, Leslie’s live performances use analogue and digital audio equipment alongside field recordings and her lo-fi video projections, to make abstract and absorbing drone collages.

~8:15 – TOM FOX:
Tom Fox is a craftsman, maker and pioneer in the search for new sounds and the development of truly unique instruments. Many of you probably know Tom’s project, Vulpestruments – a collection of hand-built noise machines fashioned from as much recycled and reclaimed materials as possible. From the strings to the pickups and the tuning pins, these unexpected sources make genuinely remarkable sounds.

A familiar face at Music Hackspace, curating this evening we have Adam John Williams, who will also perform some psychoacoustics-infused-electronica from his current project, Research-Driven Dance Music.

Electronic Element a.k.a. Ivaylo Chichanov will be our DJ for the evening, shepherding us through the void between live performances to keep everybody dancing.

This is the start of a fantastic new chapter for us. Music Hackspace was founded as a creative & social hub for the community that surrounds it, and without that amazing community we simply would not exist, so let’s all celebrate together.

Entry is FREE!


Workshop: build your own SIGNUM device and reveal hidden sounds

SIGNUM_Portable Analog Instrumentation Amplifier from animazon on Vimeo.

In this workshop participants will build and take home their own Signum device, which is designed to experiment with hidden signals and usually un-hearable sounds. The device includes a transducer, optical, coil, germanium diode and small loop antenna that will allow you to both to listen to and record the sounds hidden in the electromagnetic spectrum. The workshop will also cover the use of the electromagnetic spectrum in art practice.

With Victor Mazon Gardoqui.

Signum is a portable device designed to provide a clean, line level & micro controller friendly output signal to various input sensors: different bandwidth antennas, high impedance transducers, photosensitive cells, infrared, ultraviolet, sound pressure or line level.

The electromagnetic spectrum will be used as a creative resource where participants will build a device capable of modulate the invisible phenomenæ on various media or devices.

SIGNUM performs a fully analogue difference operation between its input and reference output level, multipling by a factor of 100 times in the first stage  -controlable by potenciometer- and 10 times magnification on its second stage, providing a controlled amplitude output line suitable to be safely connected to any audio input: sound card, computer or mixer, providing the input signal a maximum magnification ratio of 1000: 1 and a signal-to-noise distortion of 0.007% THD.

The kit contains two amplifier circuits operating in parallel to accommodate different impedances of sensors and a final amplification for line output. The 3 sensors embedded on its surface measures close range electromagnetic frequencies, a central SMA antenna connector for long-range signals and an external line input via the 3.5mm jack to amplify self made sensors and physical devices.

It’s powered by a 9V battery or supplied 1,3mm power jack to USB connector.

The workshop will be lead by Victor Mazon Gardoqui who’s the author of workshop concept, electronics design & documentation | CC 4.0 BY-SA ://

Victor will be also giving an Artist Talk about his practice at the Music Hackspace on Thursday 22 October

SIGNUM Portable Analogue Instrumentation Amplifier

Voltage gain 10 to 1000 (w/ ALPS potentiometer)
Amplitude control (w/ ALPS potentiometer)
Bandwidth set to 15.9kHz (w/feedback capacitors), or 100kHz (w/ caps removed)
Line IN / Line OUT (w/ Jack 3,5mm)
SMA Antenna Input
Self-centering output quiescent voltageBattery operation ~3V–30V
1,3mm power jack to USB cable included
220v to 5v USB adaptor included
Current drain ≤160mA
Size 70×70 mm
8x 30mm. metal stands
Sensors: transducer, optical, coil, germanium diode, small loop antenna included
Industrial PCB manufacture
Material FR4
Thickness 1,6mm
Surface Finish ENIG Immersion Gold  on both sides
Black Matt Soldermask on both Sides






When: Saturday 24th October: 11h to 19 h and Sunday 25th October 11h to 15h.

Required skills: No previous experience in electronics is necessary, but interest and patience mandatory.

Cost: 95 GBP (Keep you device! All electronic materials and documentation are included).

Enquiries: please email workshops@stagingmhs.local







Befaco DIY Modular synth workshop: 17th and 18th October 2015

The Befaco team is back for a DIY modular synth workshop on 17th and 18th October 2015 at the Music Hackspace (ContainerVille).

When: 17th and 18th October 2015, 11am to 7 pm.
Where: Music Hackspace, ContainerVille, Unit 15, 5–10 Corbridge Crescent, London, E2 9DS United Kingdom

Hands on workshop: build your own synth modules on eurorack format. We provide all the necessary components to build your device from scratch. Each participant builds her/his own machine during the workshop.

Required skills: interest and patience. No previous experience in electronics is necessary.

Required materials: Fine tip soldering iron less than 25w is recommended (we provide soldering irons and hand tools if you don’t have your own).

Participants can choose to build any of these Befaco modules:

*NEW!* Rampage……………….150 GBP

*NEW!* Crush Delay V2………120 GBP

Slew Limiter…………………..65 GBP

Spring reverb …………………130 GBP

Even VCO ……………………125 GBP

BF22 VCF……………………130 GBP

VC ADSR………………………110 GBP

Instrument Interface………115 GBP

Output module………………65 GBP

Mixer………………………………50 GBP

Hexa VCA………………………140 GBP

Power Bus ………………………80 GBP

Dual Atenuverter………………55 GBP

Joysitck controller……………100 GBP

Please register via workshops@stagingmhs.local

We are happy to answer any questions 🙂

Befaco is a Synth DIY/open hardware platform focused on designing modules and organizing modular synth workshops regularly in Madrid, Barcelona, Berlin and London (and recently in Japan).







Sunday 21st April, Hackday: Assistive Music Technology


On Sunday 21st April  Drake Music will run a hackday to create and share new instruments that break down disabling barriers to music making. Run in partnership with Furtherfield and Music Hackspace, makers will have the opportunity to work towards one of two prizes for the most innovative work.

Software as well as hardware hackers are welcome.

There will be some devices to hack if you don’t bring your own (makey makey, arduino…), a £100 price to the best project – and pizza!

More info:

To register or to ask any questions please email or twitter @DrakeMusicRandD

There’s a limited number of spaces available so email Gawain if you want to join!

Artists talk: Riz Maslen and Alo Allik

Thursday 14th of March 2013
7.00 pm
Troyganic, 132 Kingsland Road, London

This Thursday we welcome artists Riz Maslen and Alo Allik.

Riz Maslen ( is an electronic innovator and multi-instrumentalist.
British producer, singer and multi-instrumentalist Riz Maslen, who records as Neotropic and Small Fish With Spine has been described as one of the most prominent women composers working in post-techno experimental electronics. In addition to her warm electronic programming, Maslen’s music also embraces folk, psychedelic pop and her interest in experimental film-making.

The media has warmly received her albums on Ninja Tune, Oxygen Music Works, Mush Recordings, R&S and Squids Eye. She’s performed globally over the past decade at events including LA’s Coachella concert series and Montreaux Jazz Festival in Switzerland.

Neotropic’s live shows have always focused on creating a cinematic journey for the audience with the inclusion of her dark photographic and film imagery.


Alo Allik: Live coding evolution by artificial selection

Alo Allik ( is an artist and a programmer with an aesthetically and geographically restless lifestyle, which has enabled him to traverse a diverse range of musical worlds including DJ-ing electronic dance music, live electronic jam sessions, electroacoustic composition, free improvisation and audiovisual performances. His interests include how to model natural processes by programming and use these models in live performance. In this presentation, he will first investigate an evolutionary programming approach to sound synthesis and then attempt to use this system in a live-coded audiovisual performance.

Since the first ingenious artificial life experiments in the 1950ies, evolutionary computing has inspired numerous problem solving and model building techniques including ways to evolve sound synthesis algorithms inspired by processes of evolution by adaptation and natural selection. In our attempts to understand these natural algorithmic processes, which are purposeless and devoid of any intention, but nonetheless directly responsible for all the complexity and intelligent behaviour in the natural world, we keep developing increasingly more powerful technology that enables us to model and simulate, albeit on a vastly simplified scale, the power of cumulative selection.

Alo Allik will explore this idea through a relatively novel concept of gene expression programming, a method of evolutionary computation that provides an alternative to the established paradigms of classic genetic algorithms and genetic programming, and apply it to sound synthesis in the SuperCollider programming environment. He’s hoping to reveal creative applications of evolutionary computation which do not necessarily presume a definite solution to a problem, but rather an open-ended option space to be explored for aesthetic experimentation.


Mobile electronic human orchestra: artist talk by Sophie McDonald (MzTEK)

Thursday 17th of January 2013, 7:30pm
Troyganic, 132 Kingsland Road, London E2 8DY

The Hacked Human Orchestra is a project by MzTEK, Guerilla Science and Kobakant to produce a series of wearable musical designs for workshops, culminating in a audio mix of the Hacked Human Orchestra. Last December we welcomed MzTek for one of their  Hacked Human Orchestra workshops at the Music Hackspace.

Sophie McDonald is a co-founder of MzTEK, she is a media artist, freelance workshop producer, video editor, and educator. Her work includes the online programming platform sketchPatch.

MzTEK provides short courses, workshops, geek-outs and events. Their classes focus on technical training in an arts context, ranging from basic electronics and circuitry to more advanced courses in programming and prototyping. MzTEK is a non-profit organisation based in London with the aim of addressing the imbalance of women artists working in the fields of new media, computer arts, and technology. Among their exciting projects, they’ve recently been invited to manage The Open Data Institute’s data-as-culture art commissions for their launch.


A night of performances, Thursday 13th of December 2012

Thursday 13/12/2012, 7pm, at Troyganic


Desmond Dodechaedron, Ross Knipe and Ladyhackspace
raxil4 and Left Hand Cuts *Off The Right
Kacper Ziemianin
Andrew Ostler
John García Rueda
Jay Rafferty
+Limited edition of Music Hackspace t-shirts and other screen printed goodies by Blanca Regina


Artist talk by Kacper Ziemianin

Thursday 6th of December 2012, 7pm.

Troyganic, 132 Kingsland Road, E2 8DY London.


Kacper Ziemianin presents his sound practice and some of his instruments, interfaces and experiments.

Kacper Ziemianin – ‘Cymatic Clock’ from kaziem on Vimeo.

Cymatic Clock: under each of the round containers with water there is a speaker. Each speaker produces a sine tone of a frequency that depends directly on the time at a given moment. The time is projected onto containers. The sound makes the water vibrate and reflections of the water create an interesting result. In order to make the passing time more intensive, minutes get louder with every second.

Max MSP meet-up

Thursday 29/11/2012, 7pm, Max MSP meet up at Troyganic

132 Kingsland Road, Corner of Cremer Street. London E2 8DY