Music Hackspace meetups

Jean-Baptiste Thiebaut

The Meetups are live events usually hosted online on a Zoom call. Meetups are generally organised for group of users of a particular creative technology (e.g. Max or TouchDesigner), and within that technology, on a variety of creative topics (e.g. music visualisation or interactive art).

The meetups are community-led and promote good practices, creativity, diversity, ethical considerations, transparency and openness. This is in the spirit of how we and our partners view the community and want to engage with its participants.

The Meetups create regular opportunities for everyone to meet and engage with like minded artists. We encourage active participation, questions, answers, and collaborations.

Anyone can present at a Meetup! It is the role of the Meetup Host to find a few speakers to share their experience on a particular topic, and we’re always happy to put them in touch with our community, so if you are interested to present, do get in touch!
Presentations range from work-in-progress to retrospective on past works and deep insights into research topics. Many artists who are still exploring a topic or a project enjoy sharing their journey into a particular technology, to get feedback, or to raise questions. Some artists take the opportunity to reflect on a recent project and discuss its technical aspects with the community. Every approach is welcome, it’s all about a genuine desire to share experiences, inspire and be inspired by others approaches.

The Music Hackspace isn’t offering a fee for presenting. The Host receives a fee though. They are tasked with finding the speakers. preparing the event, running it on the day and managing Q & A. If you are interested in hosting a meetup on a topic that you’re passionate about and that we haven’t covered, do get in touch!

If you’d like to present, but feel that your ideas and experience should be monetised, we are happy to discuss the possibility of a paid workshop with us in which you will receive a royalty share.

Yes! We believe that Meetups are a great way to introduce technologies, gather feedback and provide users first-hand experience of new creative possibilities. Do get in touch with us if you’d like to discuss this for your products.