Membership FAQ

Jean-Baptiste Thiebaut

This tier is free! That’s right, you can become a member for free, access over 100 recorded courses, participate to monthly meetups, introduction classes sponsored by our partners, and chat with the community on Discord. This tier will stay free forever. 

This is a great way to get started, discover new technologies and register to events with one click. 

Members of the Getting Started tier get access for a year to all beginner and intermediate classes. This includes upcoming live classes (there is a minimum of 60 live classes in that tier every year), as well as 200 on-demand courses. 

Priced at roughly the cost of 3 live workshops, this tier is ideal for those who are looking to get familiar with a range of creative technologies. 

This tier gives you access to every live and on-demand course available on our site, from beginner to advanced. This includes over 120 live classes in the next 12 months, as well as over 250 on-demand classes. 


This tier is best suited for those who are committed to learning new technologies and dig deep into a range of creative options. We offer a $100/£100/€100 discount for folks who can’t afford it or are in education. 

Yes, a membership gives you access to upcoming live classes that are available in that membership tier, for the next 12 months. 

We thrive to teach the latest creative technologies, so you will see courses that no university has taught yet, and technologies that haven’t made it yet to YouTube. With that being said, we are committed to deliver new courses on the following topics:

  • Sound design and synthesis
  • Game Audio
  • Composition, orchestration, production
  • Interactive art
  • Generative music
  • Creative Coding
  • Live visuals, broadcasting and sound visualisation
  • Generative art / Machine learning
  • Technologies: Max, Ableton, Arduino, Live, ProTools, TouchDesigner, Notch, Python, Javascript, Processing, PureData, C++, MIDI 2.0, Teensy, Bela, FMOD, Wwise, Unity, Unreal Engine, SWAM, Spitfire, Arturia, Focusrite, Novation, Android, TidalCycles, SuperCollider, UJAM, JUCE, and more…


An upgrade option will be made available shortly, and should you wish to upgrade sooner, contact us via the chat tool in the bottom right corner. When upgrading, we will only charge you for the difference with the higher tier. 

The membership are charged annually