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Jamspace #2

Watch back the second Jamspace with Ned Rush, Obscenity State (Nilly Brooke), AbletonDrummer (Tobi Hunke) and Melody Loveless. Performance and interviews with:  Tobi Hunke: is a professional drummer and music producer. He is an educator and Max for live programmer who releases his work on the website . Tobi teaches drumming and music production to classes, as well as in one on one sessions. He has developed several Max for Live devices which are... Read More

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Our story

It’s 2011. Our founder, JB, works for Focusrite as a software engineer. Venturing into the basement of the company, he sees all those PCBs of Novation synthesizers and controllers going to scrap. An e-mail to the London Hackspace, and the next day, two future members (Martin Klang of Rebel Tech and Phil Clevberger) drove to High... Read More

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