DIY Modular Synth workshop with ‘000’ – 16 and 17 April

DIY workshop about percussion and distortion lead by øpen-hardware team “000

April 16 – April 17


Vyner St,  London,  E2 9DJ

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• Aberrant analogue distortion and percussion modules

Modules are both stand-alone and Eurorack.
The workshop will cover both theory and practice about analogue circuit design, percussion and noise. No previous experience in electronics is needed but interest and patience is mandatory.

Please book your place using the button below. The booking price will be discounted from the module at the workshop. We will get in touch with you after the booking about the module you will choose. For any questions please contact workshops@stagingmhs.local


Both days are independent so participants can choose when to join the workshop.

Modules available are:

TOMS of Finland *NEW* (Workshop price: £135)

BSDM Bareback Kick (Workshop price: £105)

SCAT 0-logical distortion (Workshop price: £85)

Snore Fist Drum (Workshop price: £125)

WHIP MIDI to trigger interface (Workshop price: £130)

This is the first time the module “TOMS of Finland” is available, both as as Kit and already assembled.

  • New percussive tool designed by 000 with a special subsonics Twin-T core (similar to the 808/606), including special and extended controls on panel, a second precision FM oscillator and noise control able to perform a big variety of sounds – from metallic, to bass and drone sounds (and a special push button),
    to change from High to low pitch sounds.
  • The module includes a hand trigger push button and cv control for the accent of the trigger.
  • The Output has a bast voltage to make strong percussive sounds.
  • Eurorack and Banana compatible
  • +/-12v power supply – 10HP
  • Control for Pitch, P.Envelope, FM pitch, FM amount, Decay, Envelope decay, FM Decay, Noise and Volume with potentiometer.
  • Custom light buttons: High/Low TOM selector and a Trigger/Whip.
  • The Input section offers trigger/gate in


This workshop is part of the series ¨#SoundUnfolded¨,  which brings together action-based ideas about sound. It proposes an exploration of the relationships we can establish with sound through the act of making. To patch, to code, to reveal, to sonify. This is a workshop series about modular synths, audio synthesis, the electromagnetic spectrum, the transmission of sound and the digital.”


This programme is supported using public funding by Arts Council England.