Music Hackspace hosts up to three artists in residence at Somerset House Studios at any one time. Our current associate artists are:



Chagall is a vocalist, songwriter and producer who uses gloves to experiment with gestural and tactile performance and composition. At Music Hackspace Chagall is undertaking a research and development project to independently push the boundaries of gloves. See what Chagall is all about here.


Tim Murray Browne

Tim Murray-Browne is an artist working with code, sound and visuals to create interactive installations and performances. His work often involves physical interaction to explore embodied experience – preverbal sensations of place, significance and understanding. More info here.


Our past residencies were produced as part of Sound and Music’s Embedded composer and creative artist development programme, funded by The Esmée Fairbiarn Foundation.

Embedded Residency 2015-16 (Leslie Deere and Jack James)
Embedded Residency 2012-13 (Tim Murray-Browne)