21st 22nd Sept 2012, Circuit bending workshop

On Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd of September 2012 we will host the 2nd workshop at the Music Hackspace. Sound artist Tasos Stamou will introduce some of the most convenient techniques to turn priceless junk into killing-sound electronic instruments and sound sculptures. The first day will be dedicated to present some of the most easy and effective techniques to turn simple objects into useful sound devices. There will also be an introduction to electronic music compositional... Read More

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29th Jul 2012, micro_blackdeath ATmega noise workshop

Sunday 29th of July, 12pm. Please register via workshops@musichackspace.org (Places are limited so please register early). Reference: http://www.1010.co.uk/org/yersinia.html Workshop leader: Martin Howse http://1010.co.uk/org Price: £50 including all parts and matt black PCB. … to bring back to all of us a natural, occult equivalent of the dogma we no longer believe. /[Antonin Artaud]/ The micro_blackdeath is a small, battery operated plague synthesis unit, embedding... Read More

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One-day workshops, once a month

At the end of Mick Grierson’s presentation, we realised that we wanted more. More time together, more technology, more space for exploring ideas. We wrote down the following subjects that we would like to explore in the course of a week end. A doodle was created to get people’s vote to decide of a date on a week end in December to start off workshops. Cast your vote here!    Read More

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