January 23rd – TidalCycles Meetup

Our TidalCycles meetups are a series of informal, participatory meetups focusing on Alex Mclean’s open source, accessible livecoding platform. They are loosely structured around talks and performance, with various livecoding celebrities in attendance. No programming experience is necessary for these meetups. They are open to all abilities and are an excellent opportunity to learn how to start making music with code. We encourage you to bring a laptop and headphones to make the most of the meetup. There’s no need to have come to the previous meetups to come to this one. Click here for all the details.

February 21st – TidalCycles Meetup

More free livecoding! Bring pals, bring your laptop, bring some headphones, and start making computer music. No prior experience in coding or making music necessary. All abilities welcome. More info here.